Today is the anniversary of the U.S. House of Representatives passing the 13th amendment abolishing slavery in the United States in 1865. How horrific that it took us that long to figure out enslaving another person is wrong. We haven’t really learned. Sex trafficking is an epidemic. Drug dealers work to make others a slave to the addiction. Greedy desires can lead to debt that enslaves people. Worse yet, we sometimes choose to enslave ourselves until we lose the freedom of possessing self-control. Christ came to set captives free. Let us be part of that mission!

One thought on “13th Amendment

  1. Crain Melba says:

    Good thought-stimulating message! The students at OKWU (formerly Bartlesville Wesleyan College) have an organization
    with the worthy goal of helping to eradicate human trafficking. Thanks for your very succinct message with the same goal!


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