The last couple days have been filled with thoughtful emotion as the old church has been demolished. It was so wonderfully built—and strong! The detail in the craftsmanship you rarely find today. The boy in me that loves demolition was excited one moment and the next moment grieving over the arched window above the doorway that no one would take time to build today. You think of the Sunday school lessons taught, the Word of God preached, the people that were saved and nurtured in the faith in that building. Those are the things that remain for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Finished Work

  1. Crain Melba says:

    Ohhh, Adrian! I “feel for you” as I read your message on the demolition of the old church… but CHEER for you as you compare feelings of sadness for the demolition w/the encouragement of remembrance !! What this WHOLE old WORLD needs now is HOPE! (after all the divisions and fears and disasters)



    it was a sad day as we have going for a long time there but yet a happy day as we moved into a new church (no stairs) lots of new faces l come and join us . a great pastor and family ,


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