As I read I Samuel 1 I was intrigued by Hannah’s husband, Elkanah. He lived when having two wives was permitted and he did—even though having two wives was never wise! He was faithful to worship God. Elkanah loved Hannah. He comforted his barren wife, “Am I not more to you than ten sons?” He also gave Hannah freedom to make a lot of choices usually reserved for the husband in that culture. When she gave birth to Samuel, he even allowed her to give him to the Lord—thus depriving Elkanah of raising his firstborn son.

One thought on “Hannah’s Husband

  1. Blanch Flanigan says:

    I took from this that : True love is not selfish. Elkanah truly loved his wife, Hanhah loved her husband, they both loved their son and most of all they had a deep LOVE for the LORD or they would not have given him to the LORD fully and she kept her promise to the Lord.
    I must be careful not to say ” If you’ll do this for me, I’ll do that and then NOT keep my promise.”


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